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InnerCHANGE founded its team in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala in the summer of 2006. From day one, we have been immersed in the world of children and youth seeking to survive on the city’s streets. As our ministry and team grew, our focus became children and their families who work in  because many  of them lack sustainable income and opportunities for education, leaving them with little hope for a better future. 

Our ministry activities include a tutoring and scholarship program, weekly bible studies for the kids, discipleship groups and monthly bible study for the parents.  We also deeply value the relationships we build with these families through inviting them into our homes, celebrating together, annual retreats and accompanying them through whatever life brings. God has created a beautiful community among the families, our team and local volunteers.  

Our team vision is to be and create change-makers in our community transformed by the love of God, share the good news of Jesus, strengthen the capacities of families and walk humbly with our God.

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IC Guatemala Team Fund

IC Xela Scholarship Fund

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